We build supply chain enhancement tools for businesses around the world.

Business operators are able to provide an unprecedented level of transparency about their supply chain to their customers and supply chain partners. We use software and interconnected hardware to track products from their rawest form to their final destination.

For Businesses

Benefits of Nuclo's Supply Chain Traceability Solution

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

Businesses are able to securely store and retrieve records, receipts, and supply chain related possession data needed for regulatory compliance and audits.  Our emphasis on data security allows us to store relevant product information in that protects against data tampering.


Operational Efficiency

Businesses can use this system to identify and optimize supply chain inefficiencies. The way we  visualize data reduces the cost of identifying non-value add supply chain stages, facilitating targeted product recalls, and predicting supply chain risk factors.

Easy Implementation

Easy Implementation

We strive to create financially and technologically accessible products. Implementing our traceability solution is as easy as counting from one to three. It is a flexible system that requires no coding. It can be applied to supply chains  within 20 minutes of use. 

Customer Experiences

Customer Experiences

Our software enables businesses to provide digital experiences that tell strong brand stories to consumers about the origin, authenticity, and journey of the products that they are selling. End consumers are able to interact with the products they are purchasing in unprecedented ways.

How it works

Magnified QR Code Fingerprint


Our system allows users to generate uniquely identifiable QR codes for each batch of the products that they harvest.

QR Code Tracking


The QR codes are scanned by users each time goods change hands. This creates an immutable record of custody.



Items tracked through the Nuclo traceability system from origin to the point of sale are certified by Nuclo.



Supply chain participants and customers are able to view the physical journey of the products being tracked.

Hardware Integrations (Optional )

Nuclo builds ambient sensors that monitor temperature, humidity, and light exposure and relays the data back to the Nuclo platform.

Temperature Sensor

Temperature Sensors

Our temperature sensors monitor ambient temperature and relay that information back to the Nuclo system.

Humidity Sensor

Humidity Sensors

Our humidity sensors monitor ambient humidity and relay that information back to the Nuclo system.

Light Sensor

Light Sensors

Our light exposure sensors monitor the amount of light in the are and relay that information back to the Nuclo system.

Case Study:
Chilean Biomass

The story of how we built one of the largest centralized sales channel of biomass in southern Chile in 3-months using our system.

Leñahoy Connected Supply Chain

We used our technology to create an end to end supply chain enhancement solution for actors in the Chilean biomass market. It enabled producers to reduce costs and sell their goods directly to end consumers. Within three months it became one of the largest centralized sales channel of biomass in Chile.


We received an introduction to one of the larger producers of biomass and asked them to list the pain points of their industry. The problem that they described was multifaceted and could be felt by everyone in their supply chain from the raw material producers all the way to the end consumer.

1. Counterfeiting

Individuals were chopping down trees and skipping the processing stages that remove moisture and contaminants from the wood. When this wood was burned it released toxic smoke hazardous to the individuals breathing it and detrimental to the environment.

2. Price Hikes

During cold months, the industry saw price hikes as high as 161%. To combat these price hikes, consumers would purchase large volumes of wood that they then had to store in not optimal conditions. Unfortunately, that often led to the wood absorbing moisture and contaminants previously removed by the processor.

3. Operational Inefficiencies

During our research process, our team physically traveled with the bioma throughout the supply chain and developed a deeper understanding of the problems introduced by the producers. We learned that producers, processors, certifiers, and retailers were spending too much of their time & money on transportation and logistical operations ultimately inflating the price of the goods they were selling.


Our team assessed the problems that we uncovered and began exploring how we could use the internet and technology to solve them. We identified the user groups being negatively impacted by the problems that we learned about and decide to build applications for each of them that directly addressed the sale of unsafe counterfeit wood, the extreme seasonally driven price hikes, and the operational inefficiencies encountered by supply chain participants. This resulted in the development of https://www.lenahoy.cl (Firewood Today).

We built dashboards for each actor in the supply chain that enabled them to prove the origin of the good they were selling and it allowed them to easily manage pickups between supply chain participants.

We also built a mobile application that allows end consumers to purchase the biomass being managed by the producer dashboards and it allowed them to schedule deliveries to be delivered their homes/offices immediately or at a later date in time.


1. Traceability + Origin Authenticity

Origin traceability and certified authenticity were created preventing the sale of counterfeit wood through our system.

2. Price Stability

Stabilized price of biomass by allowing end consumers to pre-buy biomass and have it delivered later. Producers were able to then finance future production and lower costs


31% Reduction in transportation logistics costs. Lowered cost for end consumers while increasing the profitability of producers.

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